Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958
Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Sevenmuses CD Amália The Greatest Hits

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The delivery time for this product is 2-3 weeks.

Music list:

  • 01.Estranha Forma de Vida (Amália Rodrigues / Alfredo Duarte)
  • 02.Barco Negro (David Mourão Ferreira / Caco Velho - Piratini)
  • 03.Confesso (José Galhardo / Frederico Valério)
  • 04.Nem às Paredes Confesso (Max / Artur Ribeiro - Ferrer Trindade)
  • 05.Ai Mouraria (Amadeu do Vale / Frederico Valério)
  • 06.Lisboa Antiga (José Galhardo - Amadeu do Vale / Raúl Portela)
  • 07.Tudo Isto É Fado (Aníbal Nazaré / Fernando Carvalho)
  • 08.Fado Amália (José Galhardo / Frederico Valério)
  • 09.Povo Que Lavas No Rio (Pedro Homem de Mello / Joaquim Campos)
  • 10.Coimbra (José Galhardo / Raúl Ferrão)
  • 11.Solidão (David Mourão-Ferreira / Ferrer Trindade - Frederico de Brito)
  • 12.Zanguei-me Com o Meu Amor (Linhares Barbosa / Jaime Santos)
  • 13.2Primavera (David Mourão-Ferreira / Pedro Rodrigues)
  • 14.Que Deus Me Perdoe (Silva Tavares / Frederico Valério)
  • 15.Eu Queria Cantar-te Um Fado (António Sousa Freitas / Franklin Godinho)
  • 16.Não É Desgraça Ser Pobre (Norberto Araújo / José Joaquim Cavalheiro Jr.)
  • 17.Malmequer Pequenino (Ricardo Borges de Sousa)
  • 18.Lar Português (Maria Laura Xavier de Paiva / Jaime Santos)
  • 19.Uma Casa Portuguesa (Reinaldo Ferreira / Matos Sequeira - Artur Fonseca)
  • 20.Marcha da Mouraria (Amadeu do Vale / Frederico Valério)
  • 21.Madrugada (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)
  • 22.Maria Lisboa (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)
  • 23.Lisboa Não Sejas Francesa (José Galhardo / Raúl Ferrão)
  • 24.Dá-me o Braço Anda Daí (Linhares Barbosa / José Pedro Blanc)
  • 25.Foi Deus (Alberto Janes)
This is one of the most important artist edition in an unique CD because it comprises 25 greatest hits that portrait the beginnings till the great breakthrough of Amália Rodrigues in the world.
In this record we can hear a good part of the repertoire that Amália used to chose to sing live and that curiously it's still performed in the Fado Houses by the young musicians.
The audio was treated with the utmost care in Full HD with the most advanced software available offering a better listening experience of this recordings.
Greatest hits that were the foundation of Amália success like Barco Negro, Uma Casa Portuguesa, Foi Deus, Coimbra or Solidão and many others that reinforced her global recognition like Maria Lisboa, Estranha Forma de Vida or Povo Que Lavas No Rio are including in this edition.
The album art of this special edition was taken from an original painting from fine artist Rita Ventura that's called Memorabília cantada made with acrylic and collage on canvas.
The booklet includes an updated Amália's biography in Portuguese and English.
An obligatory record for the great Amália enthusiasts spread around the world that remember the greatest Portuguese artist of all time with 'saudade'.
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