Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958
Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Classical Guitar Paco Castillo 221 CCE Spruce Sapelly Equalizer Cutaway


The Paco Castillo 221CCE Classical Guitar is a cutaway electro-acoustic model. The top is in solid spruce, the back and sides are in laminated sapelly. Neck in African mahogany. The equalizer is a Mings MG-30.

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The delivery time for this product is 4-5 weeks.
€470.00 (VAT incl.)

The Paco Castillo 221CCE is a classical electroacoustic guitar that gives volume and high definition to your cutaway-shaped interpretation.

Paco Castillo guitars have a great sounding presence but sometimes it takes a little more volume. The Paco Castillo 221CCE is an instrument for musicians who need amplification for larger stage performances or playing together. This classic guitar is very versatile and capable of interpreting distinctive genres that use the pure tone of nylon strings, giving wings to virtuosity and musical imagination with access to the highest notes thanks to its cutaway shape. 

The construction of the Paco Castillo 221CCE uses woods of great musical potential, in a sober and solid design. The top is in solid spruce, with the binding in European maple wood. The bottom and the sides are in laminated sapelli and the neck is in African mahogany. The fretboard is in indian rosewood, ending a simple but aesthetically pleasing ensemble.

The combination of the acoustic qualities of the woods with the effective and very comfortable action already provides quality sound even before being amplified, but the Paco Castillo 221CCE gains another dimension with the Mings MG-30 Preamplifier. Easy to use, the MG-30 has a three-band equalizer, allowing you to control bass, midrange and treble as well as volume. Includes a chromatic tuner with a more detailed dial than other preamps on the market.

Mings is a Sino-Korean consortium founded in 2000 and is starting to establish itself as one of the leading providers of quality electroacoustic guitar preamp systems.

The sound that the Paco Castillo 221CCE produces is rich and powerful, with a great presence, without losing definition or the classic tone expected of it. It is perfect for playing very expressive melodic lines that need to cut through the sound wall of the accompanying ensemble, giving room for soloists to shine.

Paco Castillo guitars are made in Valencia by the Juliá family, which has launched its own company after decades linked to one of the world's largest classical guitar manufacturers. The experience and knowledge gained enables the manufacture of instruments of the highest quality and reliability without aggravating production costs.

Innovation is part of the company's identity, which collaborated with the Universities of Valencia and Porto in research projects for the development of their products, being in constant contact with world-class guitarists to understand and satisfy the needs of their customers.

The Paco Castillo 221CCE Classical Electro Acoustic Guitar gives you the safety and presence of a great instrument at a cost below its value.


  • Model: 221CCE 
  • Top: solid spruce
  • Back and sides: laminated sapelly
  • Body dimension: 4/4 
  • Neck: african mahogany
  • Fretboard: Indian rosewood
  • Tuning machines: nickel plated
  • Bindings: european maple on top
  • Acabamento: mate
  • Equalizador: Mings MG-30 

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