Flute Nuvo Toot N 430TWBL in C Blue with Bag

When a child has already made progress on the recorder and wants to progress to the transverse flute, the Toot is the next step in that direction. With the NUVO Firstnote lipstick that can be used in the first classes, the student learns posture, strumming and plays simple melodies. This Toot N-430TWBL is the model in blue.

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The Nuvo Toot N-430TWBL is a very original flute to help young musicians move from a recorder to a transverse flute. In C.

Nuvo makes musical instruments that look like a toy but are meant to be taken very seriously. Designed for those who want to move from a flute to a more advanced musical instrument, the Nuvo Toot N-430TWBL is a model that will captivate the interest of little musicians, but not only that.

To help transition to the transverse flute, Nuvo Toot has a mouthpiece specially adapted for young musicians to get used to the traditional mouthpiece of the transverse flute, which can be replaced by a normal mouthpiece as the musician progresses in learning. and in the development of your technique.

The Nuvo Toot N-430TWBL has the sweet sound very typical of flutes and is perfect for developing posture and fingering with simple music, always with great comfort and style.

As it is made of synthetic material, it is very resistant and easy to wash, and can be cleaned frequently with warm soapy water.

The flute is a fascinating instrument, belonging to one of the oldest families of instruments, thought to have originated in the Stone Age, and is present in all cultures.

The transverse flute appeared in orchestras in the second half of the 17th century and is usually given prominence as a soloist. Composers such as Claude Debussy dedicated pieces to him and, in the 20th century, he found space in musical genres as distinct as jazz or progressive rock.

Nuvo is a British brand whose mission is to create accessible instruments so that everyone can experience the power of music. The instruments are designed taking into account the musicians' habits and characteristics, with a very appealing and colorful appearance, while maintaining the basic functionality so that they are not far from the original instruments. Nuvo are made to last and wear intensely, producing a nice, quality sound.

The Nuvo Toot N-430TWBL is a very nice instrument that helps musicians to develop their musical sense and technique with an instrument more advanced than the recorder, at a very affordable price.


  • Instrument designed to help younger people in the transition from bevel flute to transverse flute
  • Includes a Nuvo Firstnote mouthpiece to help you get started with the instrument
  • The Nuvo Firstnote mouthpiece can be replaced with a regular mouthpiece, which is also included
  • Silicone keys to make it easier for those with small fingers
  • In the C scale and fully chromatic
  • Allows to play an octave and a half
  • With fingering table
  • Zipper bag included

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