Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958
Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Grand Piano Pearl River GP150 PE Classic Baby Grand Black Polish


The Pearl River GP150 PE Studio grand piano is an instrument suitable for those that intend to occupy little space and have a preference for a grand piano sound.

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The delivery time for this product is 4-5 weeks.

The Pearl River GP150 PE Classic Baby is the piano that fits into any home. For large concerts in small venues.

The Pearl River GP150 PE Classic Baby grand piano is one of the brand's most popular models. Its reduced dimensions make it very attractive for those who don't have much space, but don't let its size fool you: the GP150 is a baby that makes itself heard very well.

At 150 cm long, the GP150 has great personality, tonal quality and a fantastic touch. It has a central sostenuto pedal, which allows maximum expression to be obtained from such a compact instrument.

The design and quality of its harmonic top produces a stable tone and resonance throughout the entire range of the keyboard, has a very pleasant presence and is an ideal compromise for anyone looking for a quality grand piano in a small size.

Anyone who has tried the Pearl River GP150 PE Classic Baby knows that its excellent mechanics (action) make it particularly pleasant to play, providing a sound that is bigger than one might expect, without losing definition.

Pearl River is the largest piano manufacturer in the world, with more than 60 years of history and recognized quality, with several awards attributed to its acoustic pianos. Decades of experience, combined with the adoption of new technologies and innovative solutions in the design and construction of various components, make them highly resistant and with an above average sound quality.

The Pearl River GP150 PE Classic Baby is the right choice for anyone looking for grand piano quality but limited space.


  • Length: 150 cm
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Weight: 324 kg
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Pedals: 3 (central-sostenuto)
  • Soundboard: Solid spruce with a solid core
  • Keyboard lid: Slow closing with hydraulic shock
  • Tuning pegs: Nickel plated steel
  • Hammers: core covered by pure wool
  • Strings: German Röslau
  • Colors: Black, white, walnut or mahogany

  • Finish: high gloss

Adjustable bench included


Delivery is free up to 50km from Lisbon and up to the 1st floor with delivery to the customer's home, with a necessary condition that transport can be done by elevator or stairs. Delivery is carried out by personnel specialized in transporting pianos.

For deliveries beyond this distance or to floors higher than the first, transportation must be budgeted. Please contact us for more information.


1-Free string tuning is not included.

2-Transportation will be carried out by an international transport company to the warehouse closest to the customer's address.

3-After the piano is in that warehouse, the customer will have to transport and install it to their home, this procedure being their sole responsibility. We recommend that this transport be carried out by a company specializing in pianos.

4-Dear customer, when placing your order, please write the following in the comments: I accept that my order, as it is a piano, will be sent to the transport company's warehouse closest to my billing address.

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Against any manufacturing faults
We guarantee all technical assistance for your piano, if you intend to, request our maintenance contract.
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Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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