Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958
Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Boss Pedal LMB 3 Bass Limiter and Enhancer


The LMB-3 affords complete control over a bass guitar's dynamic range using a limiter effect and an enhancer circuit designed specifically for electric bass.

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The BOSS LM3 electric bass pedal is for bass players who want to maintain the integrity and quality of their sound, no matter how dynamic their technique.

All bassists have already encountered difficulties in maintaining a homogeneous sound when alternating finger strumming techniques between fingers and reeds or even when inserting their lines with slaps.

The BOSS LMB-3 serves to tame the sound of your bass and give it a consistent sound throughout the sound range that you can get out of the instrument. It is a precision pedal, with controls that allow the sound and timbre to be fine-tuned and cohesive, with great flexibility for an original tone.

With the traditional and highly resistant format that are the hallmark of the BOSS pedals, the LMB-3 features Level controls, to define the presence of the pedal in the final sound, the Enhance control to increase the attack, transparency and brightness of the bass , which are more defined.

But the secret lies in the Threshold and Ratio controls. These two parameters define the limitation of the sound wave and its volume, allowing great definition and presence, without sacrificing the quality of the original sound.

The BOSS LMB-3 is a tool for bassists who want to master the design of their sound and the final quality, especially in live situations where they have to have a defined and clear presence but without overlapping the other instruments.

As with all BOSS pedals, the magic is housed in a very sturdy metal case and is powered by a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter.

For more than 40 years, BOSS has been producing the most iconic pedal models that have shaped the sound of some of the most important artists of recent decades. All its products are recognized for their high resistance and durability, thanks to a solid construction, capable of surviving the most demanding and intense stage conditions.

The BOSS LMB-3 is a perfect pedal for musicians who always want to have great sound on stage in order to shine.


  • Full control of bass guitar's dynamic range via threshold, level and ratio knobs
  • Enhancer provides increased bass clarity and presence
  • AC adaptor or 9V battery operation
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Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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