Boss Pedal FZ 5 Fuzz Compact Pedal

The FZ-5 is the perfect weapon for guitarists who want to upgrade their setups with the heavy artillery of "Fuzz" tones. The unique BOSS COSM technology allows classic fuzz tones to be enhanced with the new "BOOST" function, which makes them even more aggressive.

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The BOSS FZ-5 is a compact Fuzz pedal that ranges from the classic tone popularized by seminal rock legends to modern textures that will add another dimension to your guitar sound.

The BOSS FZ-5 is a modern effects pedal, but its compact form keeps decades of sound tradition of one of the effects that had the greatest impact on popular music aesthetics in recent decades.

The fuzz effect is distinguished by being very aggressive and full of bass, generating a much heavier, present and dirty sound. With a strong presence in rock's golden age, it was heavily used in '90s grunge, and is also a favorite of modern indies who like to recreate the classic rock sound of the '60s and '70s.

The BOSS FZ-5 Pedal is one of the most versatile Fuzz Pedals you will find. Not only does it recover vintage tones from pedals like the Maestro FZ-1A, Fuzz Face and Octavia, it also helps give your signal more consistency with Boost mode, for more presence and aggressiveness.

Underneath the ultra-resistant chassis, or were it not a BOSS pedal, we can find COSM technology, which not only emulates the aforementioned sounds with great fidelity, but also gives another presence, power and absolute control over the final result.

The three potentiometers open up the possibilities of the BOSS FZ-5 with ease: the two main ones control the pedal's volume level (LEVEL) and the FUZZ defines the amount of Fuzz in the mix, with the middle of the scale used to increase the Signal BOOST.

Among them is the magic MODE button, where you can choose the fuzz box model you want to emulate: F summons the Fuzz Face, M recreates the sound of Maestro FZ-1A, and O brings Octavia's magic to the fore.

The BOSS FZ-5 can be powered with an AC adapter, not included, or by 9 volt batteries, with an autonomy of 9 hours if they are alkaline or 3 hours if they are carbon, depending on the use.

BOSS has been one of the most highly regarded brands in guitar pedal construction for over 40 years, producing some of the most iconic models in the history of music, which have shaped the sound of some of the most important artists of the last few decades.

Incorporate the classic and aggressive sound of fuzz into your pedalboard with a modern and versatile pedal, the BOSS FZ-5.


  • Metal construction
  • A modern pedal built for the modern guitarist
  • The sounds you can get from the FZ-5 are pure retro
  • The FZ-5 recreates the vintage fuzz of the glorious rock sounds of the ’60s and ’70s
  • Simulate the sounds of classic pedals, such as the Maestro FZ-1A, Fuzz Face and Octavia pedals
  • Overdrive option with the Boost knob
  • AC adapter power supply (optional) or 9V battery

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