Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958
Salão Musical de Lisboa Musical instrument shop since 1958

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  • Acme

    Acme whistles is the biggest manufacturer of professional whistles in the world. Among others, there are whistles that mimic calls of birds, sounds of boat or train, or sounds of nature, for example, sound of wind.

  • Adeline

    Adeline Musical Instruments is a Chinese company that manufactures some musical instruments (ukuleles, Hawaiian guitars) and accessories (tuners and pickups).

    In the Musical Hall we sell Adeline pickups that settle in the mouth of the acoustic guitars.

  • Alhambra

    certificate alhambra oficial dealer

    Alhambra, number one in classical guitars!

    Alhambra was founded in 1965 from a small workshop, and has over 50 years of experience in the craft building of classical, flamencoacoustic and electroacoustic guitars.

  • Alpha Pianos

    The ALPHA are digital pianos that allow you to extract sounds similar to the sounds of the best acoustic pianos. They are unmistakable to the sight thanks to its unique design.

  • Alpine

    Alpine is a Dutch company that produces hearing protection equipment for musicians, travelers, water sports enthusiasts, motorcyclists and people with sleep problems.

  • APC

    APC is a company founded in 1976 by Antonio Pinto Carvalho, dedicated to building string instruments, ranging from the traditional Portuguese to instruments of several other countries. Portuguese guitars, cavaquinhos, ukulelesbandolins and other APC instruments, you find at Salão Musical de Lisboa.  

  • Aquila

    Aquila manufactures strings for ancient and modern instruments and is a benchmark for the musicians who play ukulele.

  • Artcarmo

    Artcarmo is the registered trademark of instruments and musical equipment of Salão Musical de Lisboa.

  • Artimúsica

    Artimúsica - 30 years in the artisanal construction  of Portuguese musical instruments!

    Artimúsica Musical Instruments was founded in 1992 and aims to craft traditional Portuguese instruments. The Portuguese guitars Artimúsica are especially recognized for their sound qualities and finishes. Cavaquinhos, bandolins e violas regionais são outros instrumentos que encontra no nosso site e na loja.

  • Aubert

    Aubert is a French company that manufactures accessories for bow instruments. He finds bridges for violin and violoncello Aubert at Salão Musical de Lisboa.

  • Audio Technica

    Audio-Technica Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures audio products such as headphones, microphones and other equipment.

  • Augustine

    Augustine is an American company known primarily for classical guitar strings, but also manufactures for acoustic and electric guitars. The founder, Albert Augustine was Danish of origin, moved to the US and worked as a luthier.

  • Bach

    La Vincent Bach es conocida por los trompetas y trombones que fabrica.

    En 1964 la Vicent Bach fue vendida a Selmer, que continúa fabricando trompetas y trombones que continúan incorporando los más altos estándares de artesanía y que se ajustan a los planos originales de Vincent.

  • BG

    BG Franck Bichon is one of the largest French producers of blow instrument accessories.
    BG France has more than 300 items for sale. From mid-range to professional products including ligatures, straps, cushions, stands, saxophone sets, heated cushions, cushions and other cleaning accessories.

  • Boss

    Boss is part of the Roland Corporation. The brand is especially known for its effects pedals and effects units for guitar, bass and vocals. It also manufactures amplifiers and some electronic accessories, for example tuners and metronomes.

  • BSX

    BSX manufactures accessories for musical instruments. To highlight are the foot supports for guitar players, stands and benches for keyboards.

  • Cherub

    Cherub Technologies was founded in 1998 in China by two entrepreneurial engineers. It began by manufacturing a digital tuner and today it is a company with a focus on the manufacture of digital accessories for musical instruments, which employs more than 400 people and has clients in more than 100 countries.

    Of note are pickups for guitar.

  • Clarke

    It was in 1843 that the first Irish flute or thinwistle was created by Robert Clarke in Suffolk, UK. Since then, this instrument has become preferred by many musicians and is a symbol of traditional Irish music.

  • CNM

    Created by Nuno Rodrigues in 1993, Companhia Nacional de Música is a publishing company, producer and distributor of phonograms and musical videograms, whose mission is the production, valorization and dissemination of cultural works.

    To highlight are the miniatures of musical instruments and the books of music theory by Artur Fão.

  • Collection

    Collection manufactures miniatures of musical instruments, as well as key rings, wallets, suitcases decorated with musical motifs.

  • Corina

    Corina manufactures bowing instruments (violins, cellos) and accessories. The Corina brand bows are a good alternative for your violin or cello.

  • Cremona

    Cremona is an Italian company that manufactures tools and accessories for bow instruments but also for guitars. It is over 12 years old and born of experience in the construction and repair of violins. It's goal is to be a reference company where manufacturers of violins and other bow instruments find the materials and tools necessary for their activity.

  • Crossrock

    Crossrock's parent company was Kingstar International, which began in 1997 and quickly became a major OEM supplier for some of the largest and most well-known brands of musical instrument cases and bags.

    Working with leading product designers and international companies that demanded the best craftsmanship available helped shape Crossrock and the company culture to be dedicated to quality and value.

  • D'Addario

    D'addario is a North American company known mainly for the manufacture of strings for musical instruments. It is located in Long Island, New York.

    Among the many products of this brand, we highlight the stringed sets for electric guitar, for acoustic and classical guitar.

  • DB

    DB Musical is a Chinese company dedicated to the manufacture of percussion instruments for more than 20 years.

    It is a company with more than 500 employees in two independent factories and manufactures 95% of the products it sells, placing great emphasis on their quality.

  • Denis Wick

    Denis Wick is a manufacturer of accessories for wind instruments.

  • Dick

    Dick makes accessories for bow instruments. Of note are the mutes and mata-lobos for violin and cello and the floor protections for the cello and contrabass spikes.

  • Discacciati

    Founded in 1890, Discacicati has been a family business for 3 generations, which manufactures piano benches. The factory is located in Barlassina, Monza Brianza in Italy, in the most famous center of Italian design. 

  • Dragão

    Dragão strings are manufactured in Portugal by Novagi, which has been producing strings for musical instruments for more than 90 years and whose experience guarantees the quality of the products.        
    Novagi produces strings for numerous musical instruments, most notably strings for traditional Portuguese instruments, and for many cases the only option available in the market.

    Very sought after are the string sets for Portuguese guitar and for classical guitar.

  • Dunlop

    Located in Benicia, California, Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. was founded as a small family business in 1965. Since then, it has become a leading manufacturer of electronic effects, picks, transposers, slides, strings and other accessories for musical instruments. Dunlop is home to legendary products such as the Cry Baby wah-wah pedal and the Tortex reeds.

  • ECM

    The publisher ECM Edições Convite à Música Lda has been in existence for 19 years, its main area of activity being the publication of children's music books, which always include a multimedia component.

    The quality of the edited works has resulted in a high number of copies sold and in the preference of music teachers, parents and educators.

  • Edition Peters

    Peters editions are based in Leipzig in Germany and are known for their publications of books with erudite music, great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin for instruments such as piano, violin, cello and other instruments.

  • Electro Voice

    Electro-Voice is a 90-year-old North American company that has designed audio products that empower performers, exceed professional expectations and enhance the audience experience.

  • Elixir

    Elixir was born in 1995. After a long research on the guitar strings, Elixir produced the first official  prototypes, which were submitted to 5000 musicians to hear the opinions, giving rise to the first strings with a special coating.

    Since then the coatings have been enhanced and today Elixir manufactures various combinations of original POLYWEB® and NANOWEB® coating yarns ultra-thin for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo. Each produces a different sound, but all the strings produced are variations of the same basic idea: a microscopically thin, advanced polymer tube that wraps around the rope to protect it from corrosion and dirt, without any contact with the critical area between the windings.


  • Ernie Ball

    Ernie Ball is a string producer for electric guitar, bass guitar and accessories since 1962. World-renowned musicians such as Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Slash, Jimmy Page or Buddy Guy played Ernie Ball chords to create their unique sounds .

    Ernie Ball uses the latest technology and the best materials to continuously improve the quality of its products, allowing you to expand your expressive options.

  • Eurico Cebolo

    Eurico Cebolo has published several methods that teach how to play instruments. Very well known is the method to learn Portuguese guitar, in the context of the Lisbon fado, in 5 volumes.

  • Eurico Pereira

    Eurico Pereira is professor of classical guitar at the National Conservatory Music School in Lisbon, Portugal. Desenvolveu um livro chamado Elemento e Gesto, with exercícios for guitar for crianças e jovens from 6 years old that combines or ensino musical theory with exercícios to serem executed in classic guitar, that allows to aluno learn the theoretical elements at or mesmo tempo that learn technical elements na guitar. Or method contém acompanhamentos intended for or professor.

  • Feadóg

    Feadóg Teoranta (Whistles Ltd) was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1978 with the aim of producing a high  quality Irish whistle (tinwhistle or penny whistle) which is also accessible.

    The market was very receptive to the first tinwhistle produced by Feadóg. This tinwhistle began to be adopted by initiates and professionals. But Feadóg continued to develop other Irish flutes.

  • Fender

    Fender is the world's leading guitar manufacturer. Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors.

    In addition to electric and acoustic guitars and guitar and bass amplifiers, Fender builds other musical instruments such as mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and harmonicas. Among the accessories built by Fender are effects pedals, cases and bags for different models, tuners, transposers and many others.

    Fender also owns the Squier brand. In this brand you can find models of iconic musical instruments that are part of the brand's history, at very competitive prices.

    At Salão Musical de Lisboa you find Fender electric guitars and basses, but also amplifiers, acoustic guitars, electroacoustic guitars and lots of accessories.

  • Fire & Stone

    Fire & Stone manufactures accessories for guitar and other stringed instruments.

  • FX

    FX manufactures various types of instrument stands, stands for music scores orchestra, as well as piano seats.

  • Gator

    Gator Cases was founded in 2000 by Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris, father and daughter, in Tampa, Florida, USA. Initially they released a small line of molded plastic guitar cases at Summer NAMM in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Gewa

    GEWA is a German company founded in 1925 by George Walter. Located in Adorf in Saxony, region known for the musicians and artisans of musical instruments. In 1950 he moved to Mittenwald in Bavaria following the Second World War. GEWA GmbH currently employs more than 250 highly skilled workers in the areas of production, product manager, sales, purchasing, administration, accounting, marketing and logistics. And everyone shares a passion: the love of music.

  • GHS

    GHS manufactures a variety of products, including string cleaners and guitar scales, lubricants, microphones and guitar mouth preamps, t-shirts, picks, and guitar straps.

  • Gibraltar

    Gibraltar manufactures accessories, fittings and benches for drums and percussion.

  • Goldon

    Goldon Musikinstrumentenbau GmbH is headquartered in Ma rkneukirchen, Germany, where it was founded in 1936. Under the name Goldon, it started by manufacturing high quality bevel flutes.

    At the end of the decade of 1940, it also began to manufacture musical toys. It is in the field of musical education of children and young people that their activity focus is located, with the development of new instruments for musical education (Orff) becoming very important.

  • Gomez

    Gomez produces low price range classical guitars.

  • Gonalca

    Gonalca is a manufacturer of traditional percussion instruments.

  • Gretsch drum sets

    Gretsch Drums is an iconic American drum brand manufactured in Ridgeland, South Carolina. 

  • Gretsch Guitars

    Gretsch Guitars manufactures electric, acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.

    Gretsch has been in existence for 135 years and is known for the quality of its instruments. Artists such as Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran, Billy Duffy, Bono, Duane Eddy, George Harrison, Brian Setzer, Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Malcolm Young are known for using Gretsch guitars.

  • Guild

    Guild manufactures acoustic, electroacoustic and electric guitars as well as acoustic, electroacoustic and electric basses. On our site you can find some Guild electroacoustic guitars with different body shapes.

  • H J Fletcher and Newman

    H.J. Fletcher & Newman, Ltd over 124 years old, who manufactures tools for tuners and piano technicians.

  • Hannabach

    Hannabach is a German company that manufactures quality strings for classical and flamenco guitar. It was founded in 1896 by Anton Hannabach. He began by dedicating himself to the trade of quality musical instruments, having also begun to manually manufacture instrument strings. It was always a family business until it was sold to Larsen Strings Holdings of Denmark.

  • Hercules Stands

    Hercules Stands is known by KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. became one of the biggest producers of supports for musical instruments of the present time. It was born in 1930 with the overall idea of support for music education and the community of musicians. Today it incorporates some of the fastest growing brands in this sector.

  • Heriba

    Heriba manufactures accessories for musical instruments. It is currently a branch of the company Wartenfelser. The products are manufactured in Germany. In our website we present Heriba pitch pipes.

  • Honsuy

    Honsuy was founded in 1963, dedicating itself since then to the manufacture of percussion musical instruments and musical intiation (Orff).

    Among the instruments produced by Honsuy, we have to highligth the xylophonesmetallophones and several kinds of drums.

  • Ibanez

    Ibanez - High quality guitars with innovative design!

    Ibanez is one of the most popular guitar brands in the world. Designed in Japan, Ibanez guitars have become very popular in western markets thanks to their original design and innovative sound that fit perfectly into rock and metal from the 1980s onwards. With models designed for technically advanced musicians, playing an Ibanez meant possess a certain degree of virtuosity.

  • Iñaki Sebastian

    Iñaki Sebastian manufactures accessories for percussion instruments, especially mallets.

  • Istanbul

    Istanbul is a Turkish company that manufactures various types of cymbals.

    In 1977, it opened as a small factory that began producing for local stores. Since then the business has been expanding to respond to demand. It should be noted that in 1998, the Alchemy series was created to expand the offer beyond the traditional Jazz dishes and best suit a diversified range of more modern and larger music.

  • Jakob Winter

    Jakob Winter is one of the leading European manufacturers of musical instrument cases. The factories are located in Jakob Nauheim (Hesse) and Marienberg (Saxony), Germany and manufacture more than 150,000 cases per year.

  • Jamstands

    JamStands manufactures various types of stands and shelves. Its main goal is to look for functionality and practical solutions in the various products it manufactures, always with an affordable price commitment.

    It is a company belonging to the group Ultimate Support, which is more than 40 years old and exists. The group seeks to create support solutions and music accessories with a spirit of innovation, commitment to quality and customer support.

  • John Packer

    John Packer manufactures blow instruments and accessories. 

  • Johnson

    The Johnson brand makes musical accessories. On our site are presented Johnson pitch pipes.

  • Jorge Rivotti

    Jorge Rivotti is a Portuguese-Brazilian singer. He studied in Tomar and was a music teacher. He has several recorded works, the last one being called Lisboa a Sete. 

  • K.Schwarz

    Karl Schwarz manufactures various types of instruments, some of them less common. Berimbaus, kazoos, ocarinas, plunger flutes, percussion spoons and pan flutes.

  • Kaplan

    Kaplan is a brand of resins for bow instruments. 

  • Kawai

    Over 90 years of experience, Kawai has achieved a timbre and touch that is unique these days. Kawai is one of the architects of the modern piano, having always been a pioneer in the use of new ideas, materials and technologies, thus contributing to evolution in the art of piano construction.

    Wikipedia - Kawai

  • Kayserburg

    Kayserburg pianos are high quality pianos, built with the finest materials under the supervision of Lothar Thomma.

  • Ki-Sound

    Ki-Sound manufactures excellent quality instrument cables.

    The quality of the cables you use to connect your guitar or other musical instrument to the amplifier or mixing console will determine the absence of noise in the final sound, hence the importance of selecting good connection cables.

    It is, however, always important to be careful when winding cables when storing them, to prevent them from being damaged. As a general rule, lower quality cables have a shorter lifespan.

  • Konig & Meyer

    Founded more than 65 years ago in the field of music, Konig & Meyer produces sophisticated equipment with excellent quality, characterized by innovative design, functionality and durability. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of music stands, microphone stands and instruments, speaker stands, benches, lighting accessories, sound and studio technology

  • Korg

    Korg was founded in 1963 with the aim of innovating in the field of music. It is a company mainly known for its keyboards and synthesizers, effects pedals and electronic accessories, namely tuners and metronomes.

  • Kreutzer

    Kreutzer manufactures bow instruments, especially for double basses.

  • Kun

    In 1968, Czech musician and craftsman Joseph Kun emigrated to Ottawa, Canada. The city opened the National Arts Center, with its own orchestra. It was here that Kun established himself as luthier and where he began to produce the violin shoulder rests. The shoulder rests were developed to be more ergonomic and to provide comfort to all violin and viola players.

  • La Mancha

    LaMancha guitars combine German development, Spanish design and Asian manufacture to produce guitars with authentic Spanish sound. First quality woods are used in the manufacture: Canadian cedar, German and Swiss spruce and Indian rosewood.

    The guitars include high quality strings from Savarez.

  • Lanikai

    Lanikai is a famous brand of ukuleles with origins in Hawaii. It manufactures a wide variety of ukuleles, from the most economical to hand-built models. 

  • Latin Percussion

    For more than half a century LP has produced classic percussion instruments as well as hundreds of patented improvements and new designs of musical instruments that meet the exacting standards of professional musicians. LP instruments have been used on thousands of the most famous recordings by many top bands, from classic salsa to classic rock. LP is an essential part of so many musical genres that it is almost impossible to turn on a radio or listen to a playlist and not listen to an LP instrument.

  • Leon

    The Leon brand manufactures guitar accessories, in particular transposers and tuners.

  • Lucien

    Lucien is an Italian company that manufactures high quality and affordable ligatures for wind instruments.

  • Luthier Teodoro Pérez

    Teodoro Pérez created his own company in 1991, where he started to build the guitars that are identified with his name. Bearer of an enormous experience, started with the master luthier José Ramirez III.

    He started by making mandolins, lutes and bandurries in 1966, having spent in 1969 working with great master luthiers in the construction of guitars.

  • Madarozzo

    Madarozzo manufactures guitar bags and is part of the Ritter group. It was founded by Martin Ritter in 2007 but started in 1996 in a small office in the north of England.

    Madarozzo's concept is to combine an attractive design with the functionality, quality and protection of the instruments. The concept of Madarozzo has been accepted by thousands of guitarists from around the world.

    Ritter, a North American company, has been preserving the brand and its creative work, adapting it to the latest trends and designing the future ones.

  • Mahalo

    Mahalo manufactures ukuleles of very economic prices, with good construction and good sound. Many ukulele players around the world have had a Mahalo as the first ukulele for learning.

  • Mahilele

    Mahilele produces great value ukuleles. They are characterized by the ukulele's necks and bottoms being made of plastic, helping to create a warm and powerful sound.

  • Makawao

    Makawao manufactures cheap price ukuleles.

  • Manuel Pereira Resende, LDA

    Manuel Pereira Resende is the author of a long series of popular song books, mainly Portuguese and fados, called Melodias de Sempre. The books bring the score with the melody and chord cipher. Books are author's editions.
  • Martin&Co

    C.F. Martin & Co. has been known worldwide for creating quality instruments for more than 180 years. The company continues to innovate and over the years has introduced techniques and features that have become industry standards, including X-bracing, 14-fret guitar and the dreadnought model. Martin guitars are handcrafted using combinations of new design and techniques, in addition to those introduced by the company's founder.

  • Mighty Bright

    Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, USA since 1984, Mighty Bright designs and manufactures portable LED lamps, loupes and boat accessories.

    Eco-friendly LED lamp lines make it easy to play your favorite music. The Mighty Bright lights combine ease of use and affordability with impressive functionality, durability and portability.

    By purchasing an original Mighty Bright product, you also purchase Mighty Bright's service, quality and support guarantee.

  • MMG

    MMG manufactures traditional Portuguese percussion instruments, such as adufes and bass drums.  Oficina César is a family business that has been in existence for several decades, passing successively from parents to children, since its creation in 1943, at the hands of César Duarte Ferreira and his wife.

  • Moeck

    Since 1930, Hermann Moeck has started marketing bevel flutes made by small manufactures in Vogtland, Saxony, doing the tuning and adjustments himself. He also sold vials of shrimp, carnations and spinach that he made. In the 1960s he began producing copies of quality instruments he found in museums.

    Moeck produces quality, versatile and reliable bevelling flutes. Of note are the School, Flauto1, Rondo and Rottenburgh series.

  • Mollenhauer

    Mollenhauer manufactures quality recorders.

    The company was founded by Johann Andreas Mollenhauer in 1822 and continued for several generations to this day. It is based in Fulda, Germany. Being always connected to the manufacture and maintenance of wind instruments, it is by the recorder manufacture that the Mollenhauer is better known.

  • Music Sales

    Music Sales group concentrates a group of companies that are dedicated to the publication and distribution of music books of all type. Methods to learn how to play instruments, song books and many other editions of own publishing and other publishers, can be found at Salão Musical de Lisboa under the brand Music Sales.

  • Nuvo

    Nuvo was founded in 2008 following a project to redesign the Lyons C clarinet, which revealed a shared passion for helping people of all ages and lifestyles experience the joy of playing a musical instrument.

  • Obrac

    Obrac manufactures accessories for wind instruments, including shelves that fit the instruments. It was born in 1947 under the name Torneria Musical of Salvador Carbó, as a small craft workshop dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of accessories for wind instruments. It is currently a small industry that manufactures a wide variety of accessories.

  • Ortolá

    Ortolá was born in 1955. The factory is located in La Pobla del Duc, Valencia, Spain. It is equipped with advanced machinery and state-of-the-art technology. Much of the production is destined for export.

    The main products are bags and cases for musical instruments.

  • Paco Castillo

    Paco Castillo guitars are made in Valencia by the Juliá family, who started their own company after decades of being linked to one of the world's largest classical guitar manufacturers. The experience and knowledge gained enable the manufacture of high quality and reliable instruments without increasing production costs. 

  • Partituras diversas

    This brand groups books from several publishers with scores for various instruments: European Music Center, Urtext, Volonté, Hexa, Carish, Baerenreiter, among others.

  • Pearl River

    Pearl River has been designing and building pianos for more than 50 years and has become the world's best-selling pianos brand in more than 120 countries.

    Pearl River Piano Group is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. It produces more than 140,000 pianos per year, employing more than 4,000 workers.

    Over the past few years, Pearl River has reviewed and simplified its models with the help of European and American consultants. Many new models have been introduced, while more traditional models have been revised and modified.

    By combining the artistry of European craftsmanship with quality components and the latest technological advances in instrument production, Pearl River pianos are acclaimed by specialists for their quality and affordability.


  • Pepote

    Pepote - Handcrafted cajons made in Spain

    Jose "Pepote" Hernandez has manufactured cajons of great quality in Huelva, Spain, for more than 18 years.

  • Petrof

    Petrof - Pianos since 1864 - The piano of your dreams exists!

    Petrof is currently the largest European producer of grand and upright pianos. It does business on 5 continents and exports to more than 65 countries. Petrof pianos are the favored choice of many pianists due to their European, round and romantic sound.

    As a company that is always attentive to evolution, Petrof has always been keen to maintain high levels of precision in manual work, the careful selection of materials and the romantic sound characteristic of the pianos of this brand.

    Petrof pianos are produced in the Czech Republic, in Hradec Králové.

    European Excellence Certificate

  • Pickboy

    Pickboy is part of the Osiamo group. It is a company with more than 50 years of existence and was mainly known for the manufacture of various types of reeds, nails and other guitar accessories, such as slides, tuners and pins. Also manufactures batons.

  • Pirastro

    Due to the quality of its strings and resins, Pirastro has become synonymous with a beautiful and reliable sound. As a result, a large number of musicians of stringed instruments and bows play and recommends Pirastro strings. With its tonal flexibility and expressive power, the Pirastro strings inspired the musicians to create their own sound, making the most of the best qualities of their instruments.

  • Planet Waves

    Planet Waves is part of the D'Addario group and manufactures various types of guitar access ories, such as picks, straps and capos.

  • Platinum

    Platinum manufactures accessories for stringed instruments including various types of stands.

  • Pocket Sax

    Pocket Sax manufactures xaphoons. The xaphoon is a wind instrument invented in the middle of the 70's of last century and that produces a sound between the clarinet and the saxophone.

  • Portwood

    Portwood is a registered trademark belonging to Sevenmuses for exotic wooden articles made in Portugal.

  • Proel

    Proel designs, produces and distributes audio and lighting systems, musical instruments and accessories related to music in the international market. Its offer is a complete range of products for reference sectors, in order to meet any type of need.

  • Promark

    A Promark was founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein, professional drummer and proprietor of a bank of batteries. A Promark has always been a family business, even after the purchase by the D'Addario Group in 2011. It is located in Houston, Texas, USA. and is known by its drumsticks, rods, brushes and mallets.

  • pTrumpet

    PTrumpet is an English company founded in 2010, which manufactures very strong plastic blowing instruments. Due to the low price and resistance of the manufactured instruments, it allows the access of children and young people to the learning of instruments that usually begin later.

  • Pyramid

    Pyramid was founded in 1850 in Schonbach, Austria. It is a family business. He began by making bow and string instruments, but progressively concentrated his business on string production. In 1948, the company moved to West Germany, having set up a factory with modern technical equipment and skilled labor.

    Pyramid strings are sold in more than 100 countries. The quality of materials, acoustics expertise and sophisticated electronic equipment allow you to produce specialized strings for the full range of modern or historical instruments, meeting the most demanding quality requirements.

  • Quiklok

    QUIKLOK manufactures a wide range of instrument stands, amplifiers, microphones and music stands, and its products are well known for their quality and strength.

    QUIKLOK uses quality materials and advanced technology in manufacturing processes, from automated welding robots, metal tube contouring equipment, computer-controlled steel cutting laser and state-of-the-art powder coating. The entire production process is controlled by highly skilled personnel.

  • Rapsody

    Rapsody manufactures guitar cases

  • Remo

    Remo is the world's largest manufacturer of percussion drumheads. For more than 60 years he has been leading the development of synthetic heads and shells for percussion instruments.

  • Ritmuller

    Pianos Ritmüller - Elegant design and exeptional sound

    Ritmüller pianos have been a standard of musical excellence since the brand was established in Germany in 1795. Under the auspices of the Pearl River Piano Group, the brand was elevated to a new and exciting level of quality and musical virtuosity.

  • Ritter

    Ritter began in 1966. In the beginning it manufactured travel bags, but soon began to manufacture bags and cases for musical instruments, having as principle that the protection of the instruments can be both functional and elegant. Ritter currently manufactures more than 800 bags for different musical instruments.

  • Roland

    Roland Corporation was founded in 1972. It is headquartered in Japan. It manufactures and exports electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software.
    In Salão Musical de Lisboa you will find, among other Roland products, guitar and keyboard amplifiers, midi keyboard controllers, synthesizer keyboards, digital pianos, digital batteries and other electronic equipment.

    The pedals and pedals for guitar and bass find on our website with brand Boss, subsidiary of Roland.

  • Rouxinol

    Rouxinol is a Brazilian company that manufactures strings for musical instruments. It was  founded in 1960 by Carlos Bernardo and Aquiles Bernardo.

  • Sabian

    Sabian was founded in 1981 by Robert Zildjian. Having concluded that the choice of dishes available at the time for drummers was insufficient, he set up his company in Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada.

    Since the founding of the factory Sabian has become a global innovation center in terms of variety of design and the sound of dishes and sound. Today drummers and percussionists can choose between models ranging from vintage to modern, from bright to dark, from traditional to totally eclectic.

    At present it is a global company with distribution in 120 countries, continuing to evolve because worldwide artists are looking for innovative sounds.

  • Savarez

    Savarez manufactures strings for guitar and other string and bow instruments, the strings for classical guitar being better known.

  • Schaller

    Schaller is know for their production on precision pickups, bridges and machine heads, specially for electric guitar.

  • Schulz

    Schulz Kabel has been an important reference for cables and accessories for musical instruments si nce 1985. Located in Germany, this company is one of the favorites in the German domestic market.

    With systematic development work and great flexibility, Schulz Kable is looking for innovative solutions  for its product lines. Consistently seeks new materials, to ensure high quality of the products produced.

  • Shubb

    Shubb is a brand known mainly for the quality of the capos it has been producing for more than 40 years. With regard to capos for guitar and other string instruments, it is often the first choice of many artists worldwide. More than 5 million transponders sold.

  • Slide-O-Mix

    Slide-O-Mix manufactures lubricants for wind instruments, especially know are  trombone oils.

  • Solton

    Solton was founded in 19756 by Josef Sperl in Pocking in Germany. The focus of its production was the valve amplifiers for guitar and the audio speakers.

  • Stentor

    Stentor is a UK-based company, well-recognized as a leading builder of bow orchestral instruments among students worldwide. Violins, violas, cellos and Stentor basses are widely recommended by teachers. Stentor instruments are exported to over 30 countries.

  • Strap

    Strap manufactures quality straps for guitar or other stringed instruments. The straps are manufactured in Portugal.

  • Takamine

    Guitarras Takamine

     Takamine guitars

  • Taylor Collins

    Taylor Collins is a brand of wind instruments. 

  • TCM

    TCM manufactures music stands for scores and guitar machine heads.

  • Thomastik

    Thomastik is a company based in Vienna, Austria, manufacturer of strings and other accessories for bow instruments (violin and viola resins) as well as strings for classical and electric guitars.

  • Timber Tones

    Timber Tones manufactures wooden picks for guitar and other musical instruments. The sound of wooden picks is especially appreciated by jazz guitarists. Due to the hardness of the wood and the thickness of the reeds, the attack produced is strong and precise, ideal for solos note for note or to produce a very present rhythm.

  • Toca Percussion

    Toca Percussion manufactures percussion instruments that are played directly with the hands and their accessories.

  • Trinadus

    String sets Trinadus for portuguese guitar in stainless steel.

  • Turtle

    Turtle Bags manufactures good quality bags for various guitar models. The cushioned layer protects the guitar effectively. 

  • Vandoren

    Vandoren was founded in Paris by the clarinetist Eugène Van Doren. Since the foundation, Vandoren's innovations have never stopped, especially for clarinet and saxophone: mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures but also in packaging with the Flow Pack, which guarantees the preservation of the products from the factory to the musician.

  • VGS

    VGS instruments feature reliable construction and traditional styles, combined with innovation and updated design. Great attention is paid to the materials used and their processing to optimize the sound, comfort and ease of touching. Good sound does not have to be expensive.

  • Vic Firth

    Vic Firth manufactures numerous types of drumsticks. It was founded by the percussionist and entrepreneur of the same name in 1963

  • Vicente Carrillo

    Vicente Carrillo guitars are known for their sound qualities. They have a very special balance between very powerful basses and very loud and sweet treble.

  • Wittner

    Wittner was founded in 1895 or Gustav Wittner, as a factory of precision mechanics for the production of metronomes. Wittner currently manufactures other musical accessories such as tuning forks, stringed instrument accessories, stands, as well as articles for storage and maintenance of sound and data.

  • Wolf

    Wolf is a manufacturer of accessories for bow instruments. He was well-known for the invention of the violin shoulder rest in Amsterdam in the year 1964.

  • Xeros

    Xeros manufactures accessories for bow instruments. On our website we have the straps for cello spike from Xeros.

  • Yamaha

    Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Yamaha Torakusu a pianos and organs builder.
    Yamaha has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, percussion, guitars, flutes, woodwinds and vibes).

  • Yamaha Pianos

    Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha as a manufacturer of pianos and organs.

    Yamaha is proud to present a full line of grand and upright pianos that reflect Yamaha's continued evolution in acoustics as well as technological advances in manufacturing processes. For vertical pianos, Yamaha manufactures a wide range of models designed to meet the demands and sensitivity of pianists of all levels.

  • Zildjian

     The Zildjan or Avedis Zildjan Company has a history dating back to the seventeenth century. It was in 1622 that Avedis, an Armenian who lived in Constantinople, discovered a process of treating metal alloys that he applied to the production of dishes, distinguished by the clarity and support of sound. Soon they were adopted by the bands of the Sultan Osman II, that rewarded Avedis with gold and the family name. In fact, Zildjan means manufacturer of dishes, in Turkish and Armenian.

    Today Zildjan is headquartered in the USA, continuing to manufacture drum plates (cymbals), special effects plates and various instrument accessories.

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